I’m Going to Build a Robot…

Inspired by the excellent work of Rongzhong Li on Nybble and OpenCat (link) and James Bruton’s exceptional OpenDog Project (link) I have decided to attempt my own quadrupedal robot to see if it’s possible for a single enthusiastic individual with nothing but enthusiasm, interest and a very tight budget to replicate the kind of results that these guys have with their super brains.

Full disclosure – I do have a background in programming, mainly for the web and mobile apps. I also work with 3D a lot for my work, and have been an electronics hobbyist for a number of years, so I’m not coming to this completely clueless. However – I am by no means an expert in any of those fields, having had no formal training in any of them. I do love maths, but again – only really through exposure to my work as a programmer and animator.

I also own a 3D printer – the excellent MonoPrice Select Mini (Link) which I have modified slightly with a glass bed and custom belt tensioners.

So not a complete novice, by any means. But I’m not an engineer, and I know nothing about the complex maths that might be involved in robotics and movement.

I’m also notoriously flaky when it comes to finishing things, so expect this blog to go quiet for long periods while I’m distracted by a different project…

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