Initial Designs…

Okay, so after tinkering with some ideas I have come up with this as the basic model:

So that’s 4 legs and a placeholder for a battery pack. But because I’m incredibly impatient I’m going to print those parts and knock together a basic version for testing because I could spend a few more hours on this and completely overdesign it.

So.. off to Cura we go:

I’ve decided to print my robot in Wood filament because it’s the least offensive colour I have left, and I rather like the feel of it. I got a big roll off eBay for about £12 for 1kg last year. It tends to string a bit if you don’t get the temperature right, but given my cavalier attitude to pretty much everything I’m gonna say “fuck it” and hope that doesn’t bugger up the result.

Sorry for the shitty phone camera quality. And for the nasty dust all over the printer. Jesus, I need to hoover my workbench…

Check back soon